About The Monkey World

The Monkey World is an unfiltered reservoir for unpopular ideas, brutal truths and mood dictated nonsense. The most important underlying principle of this blog is to try and remind the folk of the world, as well as the authorship itself, that our perception of “reality” (including our systems, traditions and thoughts) is extremely narrow and guarded causing us to live life almost in passing.

By seeing the world through this social construct tunnel vision, mankind is robbing itself of the innumerable possibilities we could experience if we just evolved a bit intellectually. In the place of this progression lies mass apathy, full of complaints about “the system” and it’s effect on humanity while nothing useful or concrete is done to change it. This magical existence we are given, evolutionary fluke or not, is then spent in a thick molasses of bullshit while the clock quickly ticks away. We are extremely lucky to just wake up and get another day of life…the multitudes who have left this world don’t get that gift anymore. Who knew that douchey spring breaker’s were on to something when they drunkenly screamed “YOLO!” ?

Take a quick ride with me, will you? Now, big suprise to some I know, without any solid scientific proof showing otherwise, we’re all going to DIE. Our consciousness will evaporate for eternity and life as we know it will go on without us. It ain’t pretty but it is an irrefutable fact. While religion has been attempting to put a cover over this harsh fact, no deity created by man’s imagination can prevent the inevitable.

Now don’t get it twisted as the kids say, if you choose to visit The Monkey World on a regular basis you’ll see that I’m as “spiritual” as the next digital junk hole. I prefer a personal “Spirit of the Universe” or Carlinesque “Big Electron” over the big white dude with a grey beard, sporting flowing white robes version of God that permeates the American psyche still to this 21st century day. Yes, some days I feel as atheistic as they come, BUT I do still respect the soul and life of everyone along with whatever ill advised choices they may make. I’m not death obsessed or emo-depressive, just  keenly aware of the dark cloak of finality that surrounds us all. 

Why do we then do the things we humans do like go to war, live and work for money in a 1%-er caste system economy, let segments of society rot and/or starve, etc. even when knowing this? Well, it isn’t a mystery to The Monkey World blog. It is NOT because people around the world don’t know this…religion, addiction, entertainment, etc. are all ways we humans try to forget our fragility and upcoming expiration date. It’s simply because not enough enlightened minds stand up and scream “THIS IS ALL BULLSHIT” to the powers that be (and they BE because we allow them to BE) and attempt to actually change the way we live for the brief time we get to live.

On The Monkey World Blog, I choose to scream. There is no apathy or shrugging allowed on The Monkey World. If we have to scrape it all back and mentally devolve to our monkey beginnings to start again so be it. The dialog will bring on the action.

Either lead, follow along or get out of the fucking way. Thank You.

Johnny Spade


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