A Turd By Any Other Name


#Drumpf to #FührerTrump to @realDonaldTrump: Not My President either way…

It’s been a good long while since I wrote anything on this blog; instead I’ve kept all my comments and outrage since last summer on my Twitter page, @whatspadethinks. Maybe it’s the bump up to 280 characters or maybe it’s because I fully admit I feel hopeless most days that fuck all I can write on a blog is going to change the conscious nightmare the United States is in right now.

But I take to my dormant blog The Monkey World today to talk about something that messed with my OCD mind: What I refer to that shitstain on the underwear of life Donald Trump as on Twitter. I’ve long refused to @ link (or whatever the kids call it) Trump on Twitter during my tweets; I feel he gets enough attention and realistically I know he will NEVER see it.

Since I wouldn’t refer to the creep by his handle on Twitter I had to use something else in references to him. At first I used “#Drumpf” because it perfectly encapsulated Trump’s proclivity for bullshit: after badgering Jon Stewart over changing his surname years back, John Oliver pointed out how hypocritical it was since Trump’s real family name, Drumpf, had been changed as well. Plus the hashtag in front of it not only served a purpose on Twitter, but it perfectly encapsulated his identification and overuse of the social media platform.

After the election I changed to “#FührerTrump”, as it summed up how I viewed the illegally installed traitor and his dictatorial tendencies. Recently however I broke my rule of not referencing Trump by his Twitter handle after he broke the summit with North Korea, tweeting out that the military was “ready if necessary”. Not only was he spoiling for World War 3 but he was using the United States military as his own intimidation gang. I didn’t care if he wouldn’t see it, or if some underling social media assistant blocked me. It felt good to send that tweet out and just say “Fuck you Trump” into the digital cosmos, including the steaming electric turd portal @realDonaldTrump.

Since then I’ve linked & sent tweets to his handle a few times and will continue to do so. I know some reading this may feel like “big fucking whoop” or it was a stupid thing to even worry about in the first place…it’s just an ID on social media, right? Well…since 11/08/16 it’s been very hard for Liberal Democrats like myself to find a way to fight this treasonous evil, this obvious conman buttfucking the American people. So we do ANYTHING we can, no matter how small.

I felt the bastard got enough attention and I didn’t need to mention his account to reference him, especially since he’d never see my tweets anyway. And frankly, I feel he’s far more nuts than we even think and I didn’t want to get some visit from the Secret Service/Trump Gestapo over a tweet I blazed him in. But you know what? Fuck all that. Let them come to my door, let the weak bastards at Twitter delete my account…fuck them.

Furthermore, It was recently reported that Trump blocking accounts was unconstitutional, this New York Times article   goes into detail about it, as well as his deletion of tweets being considered destruction of presidential records. So I figured my worries of repercussions were overdone and if anyone had a problem with my tweets to @realDonaldTrump it would be from his drooling gaggle of sub IQ80 #TrumpZealots.

So I have no problem from here on out to tweet at that worthless soulless cocksucker when the need arises whether he or his minions see it or not. Because the bottom line is, it’s all just semantics: call him #Drumpf, #FührerTrump, @realDonaldTrump, CheetoJesus, Beelzebub, etc….a turd by any other name is still a steaming fucking turd. #FuckTrump

Be Cool…

JOHNNY SPADE   @whatspadethinks



About Johnny Spade

Johnny Spade is a freelance writer & investigative journalist who resides in Las Vegas, NV while in the U.S. and in Sheperd's Bush, London whilst in the U.K. The Monkey World @MonkeyWorldBlog is Johnny Spade's Official Blog. Follow his Twitter @WhatSpadeThinks *Note: While Johnny Spade is his nom de plume, all opinions expressed are 100% genuine & owned by the author. Experiences recounted in this blog are based in fact, and aside from the author's pen name, the Monkey World Blog is absolute non-fiction. All contents ©2018 The Monkey Planet Ltd. All Rights Reserved.
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