Grand Old Hypocrisy


The modern conservative Republican party’s stock & trade is hypocrisy. For the last 50 years every major political issue involving Republicans will reveal hypocrisy of a high order. Many Democrats are hypocrites too, of course. The multimillionaire golfing type who then try to appear relatable to the poor middle class are especially disengenuous. Although it’s the GOP moral code, in their DNA, to be extreme hypocrites and most times, unashamedly so.

Biggest example of course is Donald Trump. Two years ago, before his announced candidacy, most GOP’s if asked would say their impression of Trump was “that rich dude on TV who fires people”. Certainly not the savior of America & a brilliant political figure. As soon as Trump dogwhistled their closeted bigot mindset however, he became the living embodiment of the TeaBag/AltRight (bowel) movement.

Republican hypocrisy is so embedded in Washington it’s become an expected part of the landscape. One day you’ll have word from GOP’s saying how violent video games are & how rap music is putting their young lives in peril and the next day they’ll try to sell the idea that AR-15’s are needed and father/son out blasting up the forest with one is quality family bonding.

Nowhere has their hypocrisy been so putrid and unbending than with the national political scene. Power comes before all with Republicans so any means to an end will be acceptable. They spent months & months in the late 1990’s on a witch-hunt against the Clinton’s, peaking with the disgraceful impeachment hearings about a private consensual blowjob.


The GOP wasted millions and embarrassed themselves in  an attempt to sell that the country was on the verge of collapse because Bill Clinton didn’t want to admit an affair. The hypocrisy is wretched when a billionaire sociopath steals the White House with the assistance of voter hacking by the Russian intelligence community and it’s just flat ignored. Millions wasted and lives destroyed over fellatio but the most sinister undermining of our democracy EVER is given a shrug.

To say nothing that, as shown above, EVERY pious, high & mighty Republican prosecutor of that farce is guilty of sexual impropriety themselves. Standard GOP hypocrisy. Where’s Asa Hutchinson now? He was one of the sellout Trump supporters who tried in vain to publicly CRUCIFY Clinton but he is silent over the litany of daggers to our nations heart Trump has dug in with glee. Disgusting.

A huge favorite hypocrisy minefield for GOPs is abortion & anything sexual. As seen above, a guy like Dennis Hastert will fuck young men and scare them into silence but in public assume this sort of high indignation over anyone with a sex drive. Abortion is their favorite hypocritical football. They’ll march up & down the sidewalks of Planned Parenthood offices or OBGYN clinics holding these maudlin, scare tactic blown up signs of fetuses chanting “Let them live! Save the babies!”, spitting loogies on the women trying to enter.

Of course, as soon as the baby is born, they could give a fuck. They’re the first to vote for heartless sellouts who’ll refuse funding for programs for single mothers, food stamps, school lunches, education system upgrades, etc. They don’t care about the starving kids in every big city in the US, as well as the entire world. But they HAVE to make sure another poor, teen mother who made an adolescent mistake has their entire life derailed into poverty & misery trying in vain to raise a baby with no help from the government. When Christians start their holier than thou shit dimes to donuts one or two will admit they had an abortion that saved their future, enabled them to complete college and get a good jump on life…and from THAT perspective, already safe & secure and usually way past their 20’s, they’ll sell the crocodile tears and boo hoo about their lost baby. Bullshit.

I gave my reasons why I believe Republicans really support pro life agendas in a previous post called The Survival Distraction . If there are tons of poor & middle class families scraping by, raising unwanted children, no government assistance, working 2 jobs, etc. ALL of their time & effort is caught up in survival. It provides the perfect distraction for the 1% to continue to amass obscene amounts of money & power unencumbered. There’s no storming of the Bastille because the poor & middle class are beat down, taking refuge with TV & Facebook, or worse, drugs and alcohol.


Aside from telling women when to give birth, hypocrite Republicans also LOVE to dictate who we all marry and who we have sex with. LGBT’s have long been third class citizens in GOP eyes, and anything the Republican right could do to make life miserable they’d do: ban & fight gay marriage, reduce funding for Planned Parenthood and generally treat anyone not white & heterosexual like a social pariah. The cretin above, Kim Davis, had the gall to decide that gays didn’t deserve to be married, even though it was now law.  It caused a serious uproar with her dimwitted protest of not assisting gay couples obtain marriage licenses in Kentucky as was her job.

This hypocritical swine had such a drama filled, complex marriage history the above chart is necessary to suss out the ridiculousness of it. Her adultery, giving birth to bastard children and litany of divorces didn’t violate her traditional values I guess. But if you were gay and wanted to marry your soulmate, tough shit. Complete hypocrite skunk.


The picture above lists just a few of the perennial hypocrisies the GOP continue to engage in, all with a straight face. Since illegitimate fraud Trump has basically been one hypocritical contradiction after another it has slowly turned into a given that “Yep, Trump is a hypocrite”, just like the Death of Truth era ushered in this alternative facts reality we live in now.

The one lately that steams me up so bad is how for three weeks now conman Trump has abused his ill-gotten power, issuing Executive Order after Executive Order, and just in the last few days, taken it upon himself to undermine the balance of power in our country. His illegal, immoral and unnecessary Muslim ban was struck down by a federal judge, appointed by a fellow GOP George Bush Jr. The infant Trump refused to abide by the ruling, calling the judge a “so called judge” and casting his famous “it’s rigged”/fake news cloud over everything.

The potential Constitutional Crisis which I have written about several times here at TMW Blog is almost assured as this buffoon refuses to abide by anyone elses will but his own. He’s a dictator of an Autocracy ruled by his inexperience and divisive rhetoric. A federal appeals court just today upheld the decision to cease this ridiculous religious test/Muslim ban. Trump, classy as always, tweeted out “See you in court” (as if the matter wasn’t just decided IN COURT),  further spitting in the face of the Judiciary and the separation of powers.

This huge hypocrisy lies in the well honed slippery slope argument used by GOP’s for decades. They reason if their AR-15 assault weapons are banned then the government will soon come for all of their guns. It’s Doomsday paranoia and unhinged madness but it’s a stock Republican battle cry to avoid the “slippery slope”. Of course they’re silent now when a REAL slippery slope is presented by Trump’s dictatorial actions and refusal to bend to the balance of power. If Trump insists on enforcement of his illegal Muslim ban by say, calling in the military (which he frighteningly commands) to major airports where they can harass and intimidate innocent people in defense of “terrorism”, we will be at an unprecedented crossroads.

Either the GOP congress reacts and impeaches this sociopath before it’s too late or liberal Democrats will have to make some difficult decisions about how to protect the country from an evil, bigoted, sociopathic dictator who is rubber stamped by a neutored, soulless, sellout group of hypocrites in Congress abdicating their sworn duty to protect the country.

It is beyond repugnant that we’re in this situation. Imagine if Hillary won the Electoral College but lost the popular vote by 3 million. Then imagine it was revealed she received help from a foreign power who hacked voting machines and campaign computers in her favor. Then in a sweeping flurry, she wrote more Executive Orders in two weeks than some President’s do in a years time, all in the favor of her party and some in benefit to her personal business portfolio, which of course she won’t let anyone in a government oversight capacity even see.

Do you think the Republicans would be okay with all that? Fucking hypocrites.

JOHNNY SPADE  @WhatSpadeThinks


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