James Comey’s False Flag Was A Nixonian Level ‘Dirty Trick’


A “False Flag” operation usually refers to what 9/11 Truther’s say happened on that tragic day. An entity commits an act (terrorist attack in that case, assassination, military endeavor, etc.) and then claims it was committed by some other entity in order to benefit from the deception and then have cause to “react” to the bogus false flag perpetrators. Truther’s of course say the Bush43 administration either intentionally orchestrated (or at least let happen) the 9/11 tragedy in order to have cause to wage war against countries in the Middle East and take over control of their oil reserves.

I have doubts about 9/11, but that’s another story for another day. I use it as an example to show that even though FBI Director James Comey’s bumbling and idiotic handling of the bogus “Clinton Email Scandal” isn’t exactly a traditional false flag op, it’s aims and objectives and especially it’s execution are very similar.

After clearing Clinton of all charges in his year plus investigation, Comey started a shitstorm of innuendo and uncertainty by sending Congressional Committee GOP’s a letter saying new emails had come to light and the investigation was for all intents and purposes reopened. At least thats the way the media, that shitstain on the fabric of America #Drump and every GOP wonk in the country portrayed it. In fact it was in a separate investigation into disgraced Senator Anthony Wiener that some emails, possibly pertaining to Hillary, were found. The FBI was to investigate if they had any merit on the Wiener investigation, and in turn if any information warranted reopening their official Clinton Witch Hunt. That was the facts, but it was more salacious to pretend Hillary was about to be locked up as the Zombie rubes at CheetoJesus’s festival’s chant.

Comey’s announcement today, two days before Election day, that after “further investigation” NOTHING had changed from his original July decision was 100% warranted, but shouldn’t have been necessary in the first place. We’ll never know how much this bumbled, obvious, half assed attempt to sway the election to the Right has cost the Clinton campaign and our Democratic/Liberal cause. Who knows how many who were going to vote early didn’t bother or worse change their vote to #Drumpf…or just said “The hell with it!” and are now commited to avoiding the election period. That’s what makes this obvious, ludicrous and unprecedented attempt to change the outcome of our election so sickening.

While I’m glad that Comey at least came out and recleared Hillary BEFORE Election day when most ballots will be cast, his interference in the early voting process or on the decision of undecideds is criminal… EVERY vote counts in this election that means so much to our country’s future. To compound the damage, #Drumpf was given added fuel for a week while the bullshit story hung in the air like a popcorn fart. Now that Comey has officially closed the case…again, he can return to his shopworn “rigged” political system rhetoric or worse yet, the AltRight is spinning a sickening “Comey was worried about being Vince Fostered” storyline as I’ve seen memes on forums, Twitter, etc.

I don’t care why Comey reasserted that Clinton was cleared (again) today, but it was the right thing to do…the whole thing shouldn’t of been brought up again in the first place. Whether bought off by #Drumpf (a serious possibility), way too partisan for his position (he is a lifelong Republican) or just a raging incompetent nincompoop (another distinct possibility), Comey should not get a pass on this if Hillary is elected, “no harm no foul” and certainly should not get one if she loses! The Justice Department needs to look into this and ensure that in the future there are more checks and balances interdepartmentally so that horseshit like this DOES NOT happen to any other candidate, Democrat or Republican.


The numbers above are from today’s YouGov/CBS poll of Florida voters, where 63% had already voted. It represents that although this false flag October Surprise wasn’t as effective as Comey, #Drumpf and the AltRight would have liked, it did mean something to some voters. Particularly moderate Republicans who can see #Drumpf for the empty headed demagogue that he is, yet still have a deep dislike and distrust of anything Clinton. Moving those voters over to #Drumpf will hopefully not be very substantial, especially in Florida IF younger 25-45 latinos and African-American women vote in great numbers. If Clinton has effectively mobilized Millennials over 18 in the battleground states and they show up en masse to the polls Tuesday, #Drumpf will have NO chance of winning.

Barring another October Surprise this may very well be the final Monkey World Blog post before the election. I am going to be busy Monday here in Las Vegas getting the final push out for Hillary and Democratic Senate candidate Nevada Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto. Tuesday I will be like most of the other IQ90+’s who voted for Hillary, watching the returns, ass puckered, hoping that the 45% or so of America’s dumbfucks did not ruin our Union for good by electing Donald #Drumpf Trump as our 45th (and if he is elected) last President of the United States of America.

Regardless of  #ComeyGate, I sincerely hope there are enough of us to keep the country strong and resembling the one outside your door right now. That country outside tonight is  troubled enough, it’s in dire need of another four years of Democratic leadership. Obama has just about dug us out of the hole George Bush Jr. put us in. Honor his legacy, continue his legacy, by getting up early, finding your polling place no matter how inconvenient, and vote for Hillary Clinton this Tuesday. If you’ve already early voted like I have, try to convince friends and family who haven’t voted to do so. My Mom made me so happy and proud by going to the grocery store last week where they had an early voting event and she voted Hillary. She is not one to get involved in politics and elections, but she knew this one was different. We need every vote folks. Every vote.

Win or lose, Wednesday is going to be mighty interesting…

All the best from TMW… good luck Hillary!!

JOHNNY SPADE   @WhatSpadeThinks

About Johnny Spade

Johnny Spade is a freelance writer & investigative journalist who resides in Las Vegas, NV while in the U.S. and in Sheperd's Bush, London whilst in the U.K. The Monkey World @MonkeyWorldBlog is Johnny Spade's Official Blog. Follow his Twitter @WhatSpadeThinks *Note: While Johnny Spade is his nom de plume, all opinions expressed are 100% genuine & owned by the author. Experiences recounted in this blog are based in fact, and aside from the author's pen name, the Monkey World Blog is absolute non-fiction. All contents ©2018 The Monkey Planet Ltd. All Rights Reserved.
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  1. we’ll still stay strong – in spite of this farcical tragedy. continue….

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