The @WhatSpadeThinks Aside: A Shout Out

Barking in the Dark: Despicable; The Republican Legacy

Tony Powers brilliant Barking in the Dark blog is one of the best blogs I’ve ever seen, any topic. Tony’s perception and critique of our broken political landscape is so good I just had to recommend it…especially this latest post here. He gives the most brutally honest indictment of the Republican party you’ll ever see, based entirely on facts not opinion. It is a great read and I hope you check it out.

I had to add my comment here too because Tony’s writing fired me up so much I started to go blog mode and began writing myself. So above is the link to Tony’s excellent blog, below is my comment to his latest post, “Despicable; The Republican Legacy”…

One of the most succinct, poignant and brutally honest appraisals of the GOP’s termite infestation of the house of “We the People” I’ve ever seen. Thank you so much Tony. It hurts to say and angers me to no end to remember why it is so, but our country is permanently hobbled and after this election cycle, is just broken beyond repair…. that’s with #Drumpf winning or losing, if a protracted fight for “the prize” happens or not.

Unbridled, “greed is good” Capitalism has failed us, rich white old fucks with money to burn on lobbyist & fat cat quid pro quo’s have failed us. Every American is guilty of letting the Cult of Celebrity, the pursuit of everything “me” and our own apathy toward the system distract us from refusing to let these GOP cretins, lobbyists and unending corporate money pipelines destroy our Nation.

This rot has been festering for decades. The #Drumpf phenomenon, where the Alt. Right Teabaggers found their messiah, just ripped the final stitch that was holding the diaper on. The lid is off and the shit volcano is already ejaculating…

Be cool, JS

JOHNNY SPADE   @WhatSpadeThinks

About Johnny Spade

Johnny Spade is a freelance writer & investigative journalist who resides in Las Vegas, NV while in the U.S. and in Sheperd's Bush, London whilst in the U.K. The Monkey World @MonkeyWorldBlog is Johnny Spade's Official Blog. Follow his Twitter @WhatSpadeThinks *Note: While Johnny Spade is his nom de plume, all opinions expressed are 100% genuine & owned by the author. Experiences recounted in this blog are based in fact, and aside from the author's pen name, the Monkey World Blog is absolute non-fiction. All contents ©2018 The Monkey Planet Ltd. All Rights Reserved.
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3 Responses to The @WhatSpadeThinks Aside: A Shout Out

  1. you are the man…as pissed off at the RIGHT things as anyone with a brain should be. it’s as if Hitler was running and not enough people are sufficiently outraged. thanx so much. tony,, and – continue…

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    • Johnny Spade says:

      No problem Ton’, yoi inspire me to keep writing, keep thinking and keep refusing to ignore bullshit. I almost see my blog as a journal (they’re my thoughts of course, but also not many people see it lol), and we all need to shake the apathy more & more. Write, vote, sing, protest, volunteer…do something to stop these AltRight hypocrite fundies from poisoning the well any further.

      Be cool…JS


  2. I’ve been a follower of Tony’s blog for about four years, and I agree with you, that he writes excellent posts. I wish that a lot more people would read his blog, and they would be better for it.

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