Understanding The #Drumpf Phenomenon (In Order To Stop It)


The fact that rebel flag waving, hillbilly rubes see #Drumpf, a silverspooned, private school Yankee born in Queens, NY as their messiah, the venerable CheetoJesus, shows just how much shared bigotry, hatred and blind partisanship can bring sick people together. And frankly, it shows how effective #Drumpf is at selling people bullshit. I’ll give him that; as a huge wrestling fan I know a promo when I see one, and #Drumpf has shaped a promo that energizes uneducated, white and especially TeaBagger voters angry that the black guy won. He is great at flipflops, changing history to suit his narrative and generally appealing to the lowest common denominator…I will certainly give him that.

But for as great of a bullshit artist he is, if #Drumpf wasn’t previously “famous”, on TV as part of pop culture, he wouldn’t have half of his supporters. If it were John Kasich with #Drumpf ideals he wouldn’t of won the primary. He has slid by on his celebrity a great deal, ironically something GOP’s crucified Obama for (“He’s just a celebrity!” Remember? I do.) Yes, #Drumpf’s minions are uneducated starfuckers who are so enwrapped in the “Cult of Celebrity” that our country oozes in, that they don’t care about the Earth being destroyed, their kids future or the impact this megalomaniacal assclown will have on our relationships with other nations. (Hold up NATO with Soprano style extortion? Are you fucking serious?)

The communication between the candidates, each side of the fight and the news media during this election has been extraordinary because of our increased technology, social media and information exchange. If you enjoy that technology and living in the age we live in (well, you wouldn’t be reading this here if you didn’t) we all have to think in the present and refrain from this constant ‘nostalgia’ for the way things were. #Drumpf’s silly ass MAGA tagline is the ultimate example of this ridiculous sentiment and yearning for the past…a past that was often broken and fucked up!

So let’s remember it’s not 1986, its 2016. We can’t wall ourselves in and act like the globe doesn’t exist, especially since corporations and billionaire “businessmen”, like our hero #Drumpf, have exported basically ALL important manufacturing of the things most of us are dependent on (pretty much everything and anything that’s made today) to other countries we MUST do business with and coexist with.

#Drumpf showed who he is countless times over the last 16 months, disqualifying himself again & again, but one example really sticks with me that demonstrates just how out of touch and dangerous he is. At the third debate when he said that he wouldn’t of bought Chinese steel for his buildings if Hillary had “just changed the laws” (same argument he used for his decades of income tax dodging), he demonstrated a frightening lack of patriotism first of all, and most importantly intelligence.

Try as hard as the fucking Drumpf Zombies & #Drumpf himself try to sell it as gospel, their ridiculous argument that Hillary has been like THE ONLY person in charge of the military, immigration and the writing & passing of laws for the last 30 years just shows how clueless and dangerous these motherfuckers are.

If you can still early vote, do so. Or, on November 8 get up & around early, drive to your polling place and VOTE. It isn’t hyperbole or overdone to say voting for Hillary Clinton and keeping #Drumpf as far away from 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. as possible is intelligent America’s patriotic duty. If you love THIS country, the country outside your door right now, then VOTE for Hillary to save it from becoming the dystopian vision of an egotistical silverspooned manchild who cares about “winning” more than the health of our country, and in turn the world.

JOHNNY SPADE   @WhatSpadeThinks

About Johnny Spade

Johnny Spade is a freelance writer & investigative journalist who resides in Las Vegas, NV while in the U.S. and in Sheperd's Bush, London whilst in the U.K. The Monkey World @MonkeyWorldBlog is Johnny Spade's Official Blog. Follow his Twitter @WhatSpadeThinks *Note: While Johnny Spade is his nom de plume, all opinions expressed are 100% genuine & owned by the author. Experiences recounted in this blog are based in fact, and aside from the author's pen name, the Monkey World Blog is absolute non-fiction. All contents ©2018 The Monkey Planet Ltd. All Rights Reserved.
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